Obesity and Weight loss

Obesity is a steady growing health issue. One in three people in North Carolina are obese. To help prevent this growing issue with obesity many states have put policies into place for healthier eating and physical activity programs. With a healthy diet and exercise you can lose weight. Weight loss is about balancing your calorie intake and your daily exercise. You essentially want to burn more calories than you have taken in on a daily basis by being more active, working out and walking. Weight loss can help many health issues. Losing weight can lower your blood pressure, decrease your chance of a heart attack or stroke and can also decrease your chance of developing a chronic disease such as diabetes. Obesity is a huge factor in your health. Make the change for a better and healthier you. Weight loss is a challenge for many people, but nothing is impossible. If you are interested in losing weight call our office and get set up with one of our great providers to start your journey today.