Practicing Internal Medicine in Hickory, NC

“My goal is to develop a practice focused on high quality healthcare, where patients can develop long-term relationships with their physician in a comfortable atmosphere.”
— Dr. Swisher

Swisher Internal Medicine is a small practice in Hickory, North Carolina, specializing in primary care for adults. Our providers and office staff are dedicated to maintaining a comfortable and friendly environment in which each patient can receive premium care while forging a strong patient-physician relationship.  Dr. Swisher is a board-certified internist who has been practicing Internal Medicine in this area since 1997.  Our doctors (and PA) provide patients with the highest quality healthcare, focusing attentively on the needs and concerns of each individual.

  • Weight Loss -             Weight loss is a struggle for many Americans.  To lose weight you must burn up more calories than you take in. Weight loss is a balance between calorie intake and how much exercise you do to burn the calories that you have consumed that day. By walking, working out and being more active you can burn these calories you ...
  • Swisher Internal Medicine February Cosmetic Special! -
  • The Importance of Updating Insurance Information - Why do we ask to see your insurance card at each visit? The reason we ask to see your insurance card at every visit is not to inconvenience you, but rather help you. When we submit a claim with your current insurance on file it takes several weeks to process. If your insurance card isn’t correct this will hold up ...
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