Practicing Internal Medicine in Hickory, NC

“My goal is to develop a practice focused on high quality healthcare, where patients can develop long-term relationships with their physician in a comfortable atmosphere.”
— Dr. Swisher

Swisher Internal Medicine is a small practice in Hickory, North Carolina, specializing in primary care for adults. Our providers and office staff are dedicated to maintaining a comfortable and friendly environment in which each patient can receive premium care while forging a strong patient-physician relationship.  Dr. Swisher is a board-certified internist who has been practicing Internal Medicine in this area since 1997.  Our doctors (and PA) provide patients with the highest quality healthcare, focusing attentively on the needs and concerns of each individual.

  • Importance of Skin Care - Do you have a skin care routine? You may not think skin care is important but healthy skin is essential for graceful aging! A skin care regiment may sound high maintenance but, in reality, there are easy steps you can do to implement it into your daily routine! When it comes to developing a skin care routine that truly maximizes ...
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  • Shingles Vaccine - No one wants Shingles!  Now A New and Improved Vaccine! Shingles develops after the reactivation of the varicella-zoster vires (same virus that causes chicken pox).  It is a painful rash that generally occurs of one side of the body, most commonly on face or torso.  Complications from shingles include postherpatic neuralgia (on going pain), ophthalmic (eye) involvement and bacterial infection.  ...
Swisher Internal Medicine